Maksym Lyashenko

Senior Engineer

Company: Intellias

Stream: В

Time: 12:00 - 12:45 (GMT +02:00)

Country: Ukraine

Language: English

Talk: Shortly about possible architectures in Flutter

About the Speaker

Maksym Lyashenko, Senior Engineer at Intellias. For 12 years in IT, he worked in completely different areas: from his own projects and outstaff to startups with investments, as well as from successful products to three of the five largest outsourcers in Ukraine. Each project helped Maksym to form a list of the most common mistakes, find quick fixes to these problems and test the best solutions in practice. Now he wants to share his experience and insights with you.

Talk: Shortly about possible architectures in Flutter

Over the past few years, Flutter has proven to be one of the best cross-platform solutions on the market. A great part of such success can be called the experience of initial Flutter developers. Many Android/iOS developers have brought their experience inside this platform. I invite you to explore the various architectures that have come to us from various mobile platforms. We will see which of them can already be used, what is the difference and the philosophical question – what for is this all.